Run report 6/7/13

Run 3 for July, 23 for the season. Saturday morning up and out at 7.15, gloriously sunny morning. With this weather set to continue and the hope of more to come later in July and August, it will actually feel like we’ve had a summer this year which has been missing the past couple of years. I feel like I’ve made it my own personal summer by being up early and being prepared to make the most of the running season outside. It’s much better being in the 230s than 250s or 260s too. Thanks to the way the dates have fallen, I have workouts logged for the first six days of July and the quarter, which is something I can feel proud of.

That said, by consequence I was all kinds of tired this morning! I was hungry and thirsty too. Being back at work this week has been exhausting and I think I’m also feeling the effect of the extra miles walked as I wasn’t walking all that much while I was off. To make it worse, last night I ended up doing my shopping the long way round and carrying super heavy bags for to miles which felt like a workout in itself, the way I was sweaty and achy afterwards! So I was just aiming to make it round this morning and got my slowest time yet at 35:26. I’m fine with that. I have to push on if I want daily workouts to start feeling more manageable and some slow times are inevitable but I do think those exhausted runs will make me stronger in the end.

I have 10 more Saturday mornings to commit to before I’m on holiday again – hopefully they’ll all be sunny like this one and I’ll have thoroughly felt the summer! It does make me want to avoid going out and drinking on a Friday night though. I started Q1 with a commitment to get to the big pool on Mondays and that evolved into a really good routine so I’m happy to try!

A couple of photos to show how pretty the park was:




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