Run Report 8/7/13



The park in all its glorious sunny peacefulness this morning!

FANTASTIC run this morning!! It’s such a treat to run after a rest-day on a beautiful sunny and breezy morning! There were quite a few other joggers there this morning which is nice in a way – and not a single dog! I was so in the groove today, I totally zoned out and I wasn’t thinking about my wheezing lungs or aching hip or my leg muscles screaming (yay for rest days!) and instead I was looking up through the trees at the blue sky, thinking about the day ahead, the week gone by, and thinking about the album – I even started up a little tune at the beginning of lap three! It was a 32:30 which is not breaking any records but for me (and we’ve been over this before) the biggest prize is just enjoying exercise. This put me in such a super mood for today.

Run 4 for July, 24 for the season. I had 15 pre-season runs too so that’s 39 for the year.


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