Week 27 Update


It’s been a great week! This was the studio bathed in sunlight this morning – it’s been like this almost every day this week.

Week 27 was the first week of the quarter and the first week back at work for me – I knew what I needed/wanted to do and I pretty much made it all. It wasn’t easy, some days I was pushed to my limit and sometimes I was like really?! More shopping? More laundry?! It was a learning experience but I’m through it now and I hope things will start to go a bit more smoothly from next week! Highlights:

  • Health: I was experimenting this week to see if I could avoid starches even while working – I’ve been quite dependent on them up to now. This went really well! I made mini crustless quiche egg muffin things for breakfast (made the mistake of putting them in muffin papers and it all stuck but today, voila, did them without and they popped straight out the tin! One way next week will be easier!) I wasn’t completely starch-free by any means, I had sushi on Thursday, Saturday we had potatoes and Sunday (my normal rest-day) I had bagels for breakfast and the leftover potatoes later. But four days out of seven leaves room for improvement while still being pretty good. I did 6 cardio workouts and pushups everyday. All of that seems to have suited me because I saw weightloss to the tune of 5.8lb! I’m now just one pound off target so I hope I’ll be able to catch that up next week. LWY is 16lb away and I’m on the verge of breaking into the 220s, which is something to look forward to next week. It’s so motivating feeling that something is finally working, and getting excited about the next few milestones! The crucial points are: running on Saturday, making egg muffins on Monday, shopping when I need to but in as efficient a way as possible, clearing chores by Sunday. If I can do those things, then everything else flows well.
  • Home: I was right on top of my cleaning list and that felt good. Having new clothes has motivated me to do ironing! And wanting to keep everything nice. I have a goal to get rid of the equivalent of one thing a day permanently and this week I went through some of the studio storage and found some worn out dry-wipe boards, an old pair of trainers, some old envelopes, a couple of gift boxes and I had a pair of trainers to throw out. If I stick with this goal the place will start feeling a lot lighter in no time!
  • Music: I did everything, but it was touch-and-go at the end! I was doing OK during the week but I wish I’d done more on Friday/Saturday. I managed to touch on all the projects I wanted to and worked on each different area – it was amazing to see what came of trying to work on so many different areas, I was quite inspired, but I still have SO much work to do!
  • I took the day “off” on Sunday to just do whatever I wanted, had some lovely time relaxing and watching the tennis with HH, did some pottering about and sorting out, had a bit of a lie-in, read some French and Japanese. I still managed to get my music time done so I think maybe it’s good to have a day to do whatever I like (I did do some music as well). The next two weekends I have friends to see so that’ll be like a day off by default, I guess.
  • Having lists for everything meant that by Monday I was on top of all the random chores and could just focus on music the whole day. That’s definitely the way to play it – free myself up for what’s important. I’m giving myself permission to rest, and also giving myself permission to push the boundaries on things I’m working on, ideas I have.

Next week I’m feeding some social things back in so I hope I can do that setting everything else off-kilter. Hopefully as I get more used to the eating/exercise routine I won’t have to spend as much time thinking about and organising that. I have 11 more weeks like this before I get a week off – I could achieve a LOT in that time if I can keep this up.


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