Run report 10/7/13


Decent sunrise this morning! Run 5 for June, 25 for the season, 40 for the year. Out on the road just before 5.30, back home by ten to six. 22:21 over the same 2.4k as last week, marginally quicker but still a long way to go. I think the park has spoiled me, the road is certainly less fun. It still serves a purpose but I’m still wondering if I can think of a way to get to the park mid-week.

It’s funny how my image of myself has changed this year, just by doing a little nlre exercise and having a little extra cash to spend on clothes. Last year I couldn’t really buy anything new and was wearing hand-me-downs from heavier versions of myself. We didn’t have much summer to speak of anyway. But this summer is so summery! And it’s so much nicer with cool, flattering clothes to wear. I feel so good! And in contrast to last summer, I will remember this summer as the summer I had great clothes, the summer I did push-ups every day, the summer I RAN. I’m back to ny first wedding weight now – funny to think I gained 30lb from one wedding to the next!


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