As of this morning, I am in the 220s! Breakthrough! I’ve only been in.the 220s in two years of my adult life – 2011 and 2008. I’ve always had a pretty good time of it in the 220s but mustn’t let that distract me from getting through them and leaving them behind forever.

Yesterday I did something you’re probably not supposed to do and extrapolated last week’s weight-loss for the next 11 weeks – and obviously got some crazy fantasy number of where I could be by my holiday! To be fair I wouldn’t have done it if it didn’t look like I was set to lose as much, if not more, this week. So that’s another image to inspire myself alongside the recording at LWY one – going to my favourite park in the autumn and see the trees start to turn and get used to the feeling of being a totally new version of myself. That’s enough to inspire me through the next ten and a bit weeks.

I am working this right now and boy when it works, it works well!


2 thoughts on “Excitedddd!

  1. That’s so awesome!!! It’s such an accomplishment to move down to the next “decade” — way to go! All your positive lifestyle changes are paying off!!!

    • Thanks!! Yes it definitely seems to be working at the moment! Getting rid of bread and cereal, especially for breakfast, was the wildest thing I could imagine doing but it seems to have had the biggest effect!

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