Celebrating Changes




Since yesterday’s post on potential stumbling blocks I have been thinking a bit more about what I can do to shore-up my healthy eating/weight-loss efforts. With my mental health, there is a shortlist of things I do to try and maintain a positive state of mind from day to day – if I fail to do these things on a daily basis I know my mood will gradually decline and if that goes on for long enough I can fall into depression. These are kind of “rules to live by” for my mind and include:

  • Writing a Happy List of at least 10 things, as early as I can in the day
  • Spending a little writing/thinking time on detailing out fantasy versions of the future
  • Exercise, in the morning
  • Talking to people about things (especially my husband) before they get bottled up
  • Creative problem solving
  • Remembering mantras, especially “DON’T DWELL!”


That collection of things has really helped with maintaining mental health, they’re each of them quite small but I know in total they contribute to me being able to stay happy and get on with other things that will make me even happier in future. If I skip them I will know about it! But as long as I do them I can mostly guarantee my own sanity, which is nice to know!

So I think I can come up with a similar structure or set of mechanisms to underpin my weightloss and healthy eating behaviours, which will give them a chance at lasting longer. Anything I can do to extend this current good run is worthwhile at the moment! There are obviously lots of practical things to do with food and kit preparation and I think I addressed these last week. One additional thing I want to do is keep track of the way my behaviours and attitudes have changed, so I can see them as more permanent changes and also celebrate them and get a bit of positive reinforcement going! As there are free sandwiches languishing in the kitchen today I figure this is as good a time as any to make a current list – all these things are pretty-much unheard of treatments of various foodstuffs:

  • There were free leftover sandwiches available today and I didn’t eat them! Seriously, it should be otherwise but I have to admit that people’s leftover, slightly stale, sandwiches from business meetings are used to be one of my great weaknesses! (I did toy with the idea of relieving one or two of the sandwiches of their cooked beef or egg mayo middles and chucking the bread! But that would  deprive others of the full sandwich experience I guess! Plus if I wanted beef or egg mayonnaise I could just go buy some?! :S)
  • Yesterday lunchtime, I chucked some potatoes (just a couple of slices in an otherwise prefect salad) – which is just unheard of because I am the Potato Queen. I love potatoes so much! In fact I think they may actually be my favourite food. I don’t think I’ve ever not eaten potatoes given the opportunity!
  • Last night when I got home I needed a snack and I sat down and ate… a peach, with a bottle of water. It was sweet perfection! Up to this week I don’t think I would have seen that as a worthy post-work snack but it was just the sweet little pick-me-up I needed. A cold peach from the fridge, all to myself!
  • On Tuesday I bought a big sharing bag of Giant Milky Bar buttons as that was what I fancied having after my lunch that day. I carefully calculated how many buttons was an acceptable portion and had the correct amount. Yesterday the rest of those buttons sat in my drawer all day and I didn’t eat any! I had even forgotten they were there! And today I had some spare to share with friends at lunchtime J In the past I’ve found it SO hard to refrain from eating chocolate that’s just there – even last week I was eating little bits of some that someone else had out on their desk!
  • I was saying to someone else today, it’s not that long ago (just two or three months) since I really struggled to get through an hour working at my desk without munching on something. I remember at one point making a deal that I would only eat once an hour to stop me from grazing the whole time! And for weeks and weeks I would have half a (small) block of fudge every single morning after my breakfast bagel. So to go from that to now being able to go the whole morning without hardly even registering any hunger at all (thanks to the high-protein breakfasts) is really miraculous. I guess I need to work on the afternoons too J I don’t think there’s anything wrong with healthy snacking though, especially in the afternoon when energy is low and coffee is for extreme circumstances only.




2 thoughts on “Celebrating Changes

  1. I totally hear you. I can remember only too well when my whole day centred around grazing… and I felt like I was always hungry! For me, the trouble starts again when I’m either bored or stressed… the urge to start eating arises. I like your preventative strategies, and they remind me a lot of what I read in that book “Making Habits, Breaking Habits”. You really have to plan for what you’ll do to prevent and/or deal with difficult moments. I’m totally stealing your strategies!!!

    The same book mentions that, rather than spending your time fantasizing about your ideal future (ie, the end product), you should fantasize about the steps you will take to get to that ideal and how you will conquer your obstacles. Apparently the latter strategy results in greater long term success. If you haven’t read “Making Habits, Breaking Habits” you might want to check it out (I found it in my local library), because it explains this concept better than I am doing right now!

    • Thanks, it sounds like a great book! I wonder if our library has it (or whether I still have a library card?!)

      I totally am fantasizing about the steps towards the goal – I have so many mini-milestones (having done part of this journey before!) and I’m counting down the things I need to do on a weekly basis, each run, each baking session, each shopping trip… up until the end of the quarter anyway. My theory is that most of these habits will be second nature by then, hopefully!

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