In search of the russet top…

Today I will mostly be talking about clothes!

Now that I’m getting pretty close to LWY I’m starting to wonder if any of my old smaller clothes yet. I have this giant plastic box of various items in smaller sizes that I’ve been carting around for the past couple pf years – it’s a clear box where you can see the layers of clothes waiting patiently to be work again – a few months back I took it out from behind the bed and put it in full view in the corner of the bedroom where it’s been quietly spurring me on!

There was one top in particular that I was looking for  – a russet coloured cowl-neck top that would be great for work. I know I wore it a few times so figure it must be slightly bigger than some of the things I never got around tl wearing before I put weight back on, so it seemed like a good place to start. But where is it?! I went thought the box and found loads of other stuff that I can’t wait to wear:

* there are at least 6 jumpers in there, v-neck knitted types which will be perfect for work in the winter. I think five of them were unworn – so provided I get down to that size I’m not going to need to buy much for work this winter!
* I have three or four pairs of really nice work trousers in the next size down from where I – can’t wait to wear those!
* I have like 4 pairs of pyjama bottoms! No idea how I ended up.with so many! They’re all dead cute and I can’t wait to chuck out the old ones I’ve been using – although all my cute summer pj shorts did already fit this year and I’ve been wearing those with cool delight!
* some of my favourite undies that box!
* my old sweater tunic with the black design on – that I *LOVE* – that fits now (but it’s wayyyyy to wear it!
* I have a mauve 3/4 length summer coat which my original plan was to wear in spring but now it should fir perfectly for the transition from summer to winter.
* the final frontier in small clothes – this gorgeous white embroidered sleeveless top that I bought and it was just a tiny bit tight to feel confident in, although it looked amazing – I never did lose any more weight than that and so never wore it, but it’ll be a.celebration the day I finally do!!

But no russet top!! Where is it?! I’m also missing a green and white.checked summer shirt with regular t-shirt length sleeves which would be perfect right now.

So I hunted about a bit and finally looked in the storage box where I keep the wedding dresses and guess what?!! Two more bags of small person clothes!! It’s like they’ve been multiplying!! The first bag I came across yielded the grenade summer shirt (yay!) along with a whole load of summer stuff from our honeymoon – I’d completely forgotten about those but there are some barely-worn trousers and shorts in there that I’ll be able to get plenty of use out of with this hot weather – bonus! And perfect timing!

And then in the last bag I tried, there was the russet top!! Along with (yup you can guess!) more pyjamas!!!!

Anyway the top fits, just about. My new trick with tops that are a bit snug (this is quite revolutionary!) is to iron them!! That can flatten them out by an extra half an inch which can be the difference between a little too snug and just right!!

I am feeling very blessed and happy finding all these clothes hiding out! The way things are going I should be able to wear most of the box come August – at least those suited to the weather!


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