Run report 18/7/13


Out on the road this morning – I think I’m up to runs 8/28/43 for the month/season/year. Outside is the coolest place to be besides the pool and it was ok but still a bit sticky and no breeze to speak of! I went a bit further to H road just because it feels more like the right distance and there are pretty trees down there! 29:28 over 3km which is 6.1k pace. Meh. Heat.

This morning I was reading someone else’s blog (really sorry I can’t remember which one but will try and look it up when I get home!!) which was talking about myfitnesspal and how the typical dietary balance comes out at 55% carbs, 30% fats and 15% protein (this is cals from different sources rather than absolute weights – you can get this from the little pie chart on the home page of the mfp app). Well I love a nice benchmark so I thought I’d plug yesterday’s food into mfp and see how my new dietary approach has affected my percentages.

My first note was – what a faff it was to input everything!! I’m trying not to count cals this year but get a more organic feel for how much food is enough and I think it would drive me a but mad trying to calculate and enter it every day and I was RIGHT! total faff I can do without even though mfp does make it quite easy.

I took a typical day from May 2011 when I was last close to LWY and got
Carbs 67%
Fats 10%
Protein 23%

Of the carbs the balance was
15% fibre
32% sugars
Which makes the remaining 53% starches, is that right? So 35% of my calories were from starches.

Yesterday’s log showed:
Carbs 26%
Fat 35% (a quarter of this is saturated)
Protein 39%
And the carb breakdown:
26% Fibre
61% sugars
So 17% starches, which is just over 4% of my overall cal intake.

So I guess that’s quite a dramatic change! And I guess this matrix just suits my body better and that’s why I’m dropping pounds faster.


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