Run report 20/7/13


Run 9 for July, 29 for the season, 44 for the year. It was cloudier and much cooler than recent days, and I got there at about quarter to eight, so a little later than usual. I went round in 33:31, so much better than last week’s 35.something.

I was really exhausted this morning and then remembered that this is my 4th consecutive week of 6 cardio sessions, and prior to this I’ve always had the 4th weekend off completely – Easter, my birthday, the weekend we had guests and one other weekend I think. So I’m not surprised I found it hard to get up this morning and was glad I could find the discipline to push through. I hope now I’ll be able to get some rest and then push on and complete these remaining nine weeks, and by then it’ll feel like second nature. Only 8 more Saturday wake-ups until I’m on holiday!!


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