Run Report 22 July



Monday morning run; already up to 10 for the month! Which makes 30 for the season and 45 altogether for the year. Lots to celebrate this morning. I was up early and left home at 6am, it was weird and hazy and almost threatening spots of rain but it turned out just fine and quite cool. I had a stonking first lap, overtook a power-walking gentleman who scared the crap out of me by clearing his throat with a giant GRARRRGH behind me later on the lap, and had to run out some cramp on the first hill, but really got my breathing into a good rhythm and just flew round – it was blissful. The second lap, I kind of lost focus and my mind drifted off onto other things. Then on the third lap Mr. Powerwalker actually overtook me going up the big hill but then I accidentally saw my time at the top and decided to give it my best coming down the last slope and ended up with a 30:46, which is my second-best time yet!! I feel happy that both Saturday and today’s times were significantly better than last weeks’. I doubt I will ever be able to run at any great speed but that’s OK – I have enough other reasons to run and the better I get, the more I enjoy it. Yesterday I picked up another pair of joggers and also a sweatshirt and a hoodie in the sale, both of which will be great for running in the autumn/winter. I wish it didn’t have to get cold and dark but at least I’ll still be able to run Saturdays and Mondays and I want to try and keep it up over the winter and not have to start from scratch next spring.

My weight is down again, I lost 9.8lb off the mid-line last week (which is now under LWY!) and 6 off the top-line. Will probably write a separate post about that later but I’m really pleased with my progress.


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