Run report 24/7/13


Already up to run 11 for July with still a week to go – that’s the difference when I’m not skipping runs! Run 31 for the season, 46 for the year. 3K on the road, got home exactly at 6am. Pic is from home before leaving but you can see how blue the sky was, pretty sunrise and nicely cool outside. I was trying out a  different tshirt for running as my normal shirt is quite heavy and I wanted something a bit lighter, which it was – but it wasn’t until I got outside that I realised it was a top I’ve used to sleep in, and I couldn’t shake the feeling of having gone out in my pajamas!!

Time was 27:55, which is over a minute and a half quicker than last week, now at 6.45k pace. I reckon that route is about the same distance as three circuits of park hill but obviously that’s a lot of hill, so there should be a difference in time. That said, I’m definitely not pushing as hard on road runs, I don’t get that same effect on my breathing that I do when running the hill. If I could learn to push myself to the max on the flat I know I’d get some much better times – but it’s hard to summon that kind of determination on a work day I guess.

Anyway, as long as I’m gradually getting faster I’m happy. The last three runs have all been faster than the week before. When I weighed in this morning I was 210 on the middle line and got a glimpse of the 190s on the bottom line, which is just fantastic!!!


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