Run report 27/7/13


Think this little tree got the autumn memo a bit early!

Run 12 for July, 32 for the season, 47 for the year. Woke up this morning really tired and through these past 4 weeks this was the most my body has wanted to just stay in bed!!! It’s been a tough week but I’m glad at least I have a whole day at home to rest tomorrow!!

Anyway so I kind of hobbled to the park but once I got there it was fine, it was overcast and breezy and I started feeling pretty good once I got going. The tai chi clan havery two new recruits, and there was a new bootcamp thing going on at the bottom lf the park – later I recognised the trainer as one of the guys from the gym I used to go to. It was pretty busy all round actually. On my second circuit there was a woman with a GIANT dog and she decided to let it off the lead just as I was getting to the top of the hill, so I had to cut off a small corner but on the third round I doubled back to try and make it up. Time was 35:21 but I’m not sure if it’s strictly comparable.


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