Run report 29/7/13 & 30/7/13


Two runs to report today – been granted an extra day off today so managed to squeeze in an extra one! Both mornings started roughly the same, cool and overcast with what looked to be impending storm clouds. Left both days at 6.

Monday’s run first: as you can see, the sun came out halfway through 🙂 I was still pretty exhausted walking there and back but I’ve learned that doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy the run itself. 33:19 which is slow for a Monday but I got through it and worked up a sweat.


This is the view at the top of thwarting hill – the view I rarely see because my eyes are full of sweat!

Today (Tuesday) 32:49, still not brilliantly fast but fair enough and more comparable to a Saturday given that it’s the second consecutive day.

I’m so happy when I’m running, I was talking to another friend about it on Friday, she’s training for a half marathon I think. Since saying it out loud to her I have tried to be more in the moment when running and it does, truly, always feel good!

I lost 6lb off the top line last week and 8 off the middle. So whatever it is is still working!


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