Run report 1/8/13


Wanted to kick off the new month right – there was a gorgeous sunrise this morning and I went up to the park, for the first time on a work morning. This is run 1 for August, 35 for the season, and 50 for the year. I got 14 runs in in July which is almost every other day on average!

I went at the normal time (though there were off-lead dogs in my supposedly dog-free window, tsk 😉 they were pretty well behaved though and I don’t think I lost too much time avoiding them). Got a 33:12, whatever. It was a gorgeous morning and although tired I felt pretty good.

The turnaround at home was interesting! I had 35 minutes to weigh in, shower, dress, swallow some breakfast and pack up my stuff for work. It was ok though. Now that my breakfast core foods are portable I can grab things easily to eat on the go, and I had writing time beforehand. It was totally worth it to have that bit of pure peace in my morning before work, which has been particularly busy this week.

Think this sunrise warranted a second picture!



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