Celebrating Changes, Vol. 3

In an attempt to make this a weekly post I’ve been trying to notice changes as the time has been going along; that was my intention when I set this as a place-holder but actually the past week has been my toughest yet – plagued by pmt and doubts over not feeling like I’m really losing any weight or whether I can sustain this in the long-term. This is the typical breaking point for me with lifestyle changes – 3-4 weeks in, I falter and lose confidence and usually fall off track and gain back more than half of what I’ve lost which discourages me and often makes me give up completely. So my biggest change this week was to keep persevering as well as I could through that whole little time, believing it would get better once the week was over, which it has. My weightloss was on a par with previous weeks and although I wasn’t “perfect”, I hadn’t been the other weeks either! It’s not the kind of lifestyle that requires perfection and that made it sustainable even when mood-wise I was in a difficult place.

* coming home after a successful workmates dinner – olives, massive salad, sorbet and coffee and soft drinks all night when everyone else was having pizza and prosecco – but I had an equally good time as everyone else and had no regrets!
* walking to the station after said night out and feeling the relief of not having to make decisions about food, the freedom of not having to eat any more. Just a couple of months ago I would have been popping into the chippie to cheer the lonely journey home – these days I just enjoy walking around looking a little bit more like me every day.
* I’ve already solved one little food issue (see the 1st Aug post for the list) – remembered that the sushi place right by the office does fairly generous pots of cooked edamame for £1 which will be a great protein snack substitute for some of that processed meat – and cheaper too! Another option here would be a little pot of unsalted peanuts, that’d be easy too.
* I was wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt to work one day, I always wear a cardi over the top of tops like that to hide my upper arms but catching a glimpse at the pool and then having a closer look I was in two minds about whether I needed it or not. There’s still a way to go but my arms are looking much better these days.
* water. I’m drinking more and more! As well as always having a bottle to hand whether I’m at work or home or on the move, I’ve started trying to drink a half-litre bottle before most meals and snacks.
* the cracks at the sides of my mouth have completely healed up, to the extent that I hardly ever have to use lip balm. I know this is partly to do with the warmer weather, but in the winter I was literally having to apply cream constantly so this is brilliant! I think it’s to do with getting more vitamins and water and so few of my calories are coming from nutrient-empty foods. The more I think about it the more I wonder why ever thought I needed those extra starches. My body clearly gets everything it needs from elsewhere.


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