Run report 3/8/13


Run 2 for August, 36 for the season, 51 for the year. Had an early night and a brilliant night’s sleep and woke up naturally just before six, out the door at half past. Just knew it was going to be a good one and I was right – 30:45 which I’d be thrilled with on a Monday let alone on a Saturday! Sleep makes all the difference.

There were a few people about and two guys in particular who I hadn’t seen before. One who I’m ashamed to say did look to me like he’d been up all night, but was actually very kind-looking and said good morning on my first lap and a “good job” on my second. The other guy was running mad sprints and really egging himself on by shouting mantras before each one, but that was quite inspiring too lol. They both had a kind of spiritual energy that I fed off and I’m sure that helped with the time. The second lap in particular, I got into a brilliant rhythm going up the hill (which is necessary) but I kept with it and pounded all the way down and up and over the little hill at the bottom, and round to the start of the third lap. I felt so strong. It was brilliant! Tried to replicate it on lap 3 but didn’t have it in the legs, it would be great to do that eventually all three laps and get my times consistently under 30min by the end of the summer.


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