Music Plans

Most of what I’ve been writing here lately has been about health – but I’ve still been plugging away really hard at music practice behind the scenes! My goal was tp have this (probably) guitar album done and released before Christmas and I’ve been rehearsing like mad, trying to get different songs to work and get things as polished as possible, both those that are going on the album and the remakes of the previous tracks. I will sum up progress below.

Good news is, I have 8 or 9 definite tracks for the album! So I only need to find maybe 2 to 4 more and I’m happy to leave that open and keep playing for now, I have some new stuff I’m not sure about, some unfinished ideas, some piano tracks and if all else fails I’ll pick from the best of the remakes – which might not be a bad idea anyway. I don’t need to know the exact direction of it right now as long as I’m confident I’ll have enough decent material.

Yesterday I was thinking about it and realised if I want to get a recording session in before the end of the quarter (which I would really need to do to stay on track) then there’s only one ideal weekend and that’s the first weekend in September! Ideal because there are no other plans and I can take the Tuesday or Friday of the week before to get in an extra day’s practice. But that’s just 4 weeks away!! And my confidence is nowhere and I haven’t actually played in front of anyone yet! I am going to have to really work on visualizing being able to walk into that studio and be my authentic self in front of total strangers. This could be cue for a massive freakout!!

But as soon as you start thinking about these things you start finding ways. Enter stage right friend T, who has graciously agreed to come up and hear me play through everything that’s ready next Monday. If that goes well I’ll make the booking, with three weeks to go. Hopefully that’ll get me over some of my nerves and if I want to be daft and self-conscious I can get it out of my system with someone I know in the room!

So far I have:
* three songs pretty much ready to go
* two I know well but where I have vocal range issues
* three definite strummed ones that rock but need work on guitar
* one I love and is easy to play but I only just finished writing it so needs a lot of practice

That’s 9 – Ideally I want to take at least five of those ready into the first session.

I have about 6 other new songs which may be possibles for the album but I’m either good at them but not sure if they will work, or not good enough yet – so plenty to work on there!

Of the remakes I have 5 where I need a fair bit of technical guitar or range work but on the plus side there are 6 or 7 I can pretty much play straight up.

So of about 25-27 altogether (that’s plenty for any kind of set I want to put together!) I have serious work to do on about 14 and around 11-13 ready to go. Given that I didn’t have much ready to go at the start of July I’d say that’s decent progress! They don’t all have to be ready by the beginning of September but I’d like to be well on the way – and have enough stuff perfect that I can get my money’s worth out of a four-hour session. I don’t know how much you can get done in that time?!

Anyway if I’m going to write heart-stoppingly good guitar songs then now is the time, and get them on the album as this’ll be the material I take gigging next year. My next project is going to be Totally different!!


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