Run report 7/8/13


Photo doesn’t do it justice but there were some beautiful and very serene skies above the park this morning!

Run 4 for August, 38 for the season, 53 for the year. Left a few minutes earlier than usual, wondering how many more weeks there are of it being light at this time? Got to the park and there was nobody there!! But after a while some other joggers appeared and then the tai chi gang. Mantra Chanting Guy was back again, this morning it was “This is the day that the lord hath made // I will rejoice and be glad in it” – which I though was quote fitting even though I’m not religious, I was way ahead of him in the rejoicing in the early morning bit!

I decided I was going to take it easy today and just jog round at whatever pace was comfortable. It’s so nice to just decide tp do that sometimes!! That have me a 33:11 which is a far cry from the 35s I was running not long ago. Maybe when I get fitter my comfy runs will all be sub-30 as well?

I noticed two things this morning: the first is that I have virtually NO mental resistance to getting up and heading out to the park of a morning. I think of it just like any other pleasurable and worthwhile activity, glad to have this allocated time for it and happy to go, knowing it will make me feel great. That’s after two months of bargaining/forcing/tricking myself into getting out the door 😉 but it’s come good in the end and I reckon throughout the winter I’ll be on the lookout for bright fine mornings to get out there.

The second thing is that physically I am starting to cope better, and have less pain in general. Obviously I still get tired and achy in the legs but only in bits of me I’ve been actually using. One thing I noticed that last week is when I’m pushing myself, it’s usually either my lungs or my legs that give out first, I know my heart can take a lot more in terms of high intensity cardio. But sometimes it’ll be the sheer effort of keeping myself upright, and I’ll get aches around ny abdomen which I guess will improve as my core strength increases. Anyway, I’m starting to notice incremental increases in fitness which I hope will mean this 6-day-a-week workout schedule is sustainable past this 12 week trial.


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