Run report 10/8/13


The thing I love about running is that when you’re running, you don’t have to care about anything else. I spend quite a lot of my time multi-tasking but when I’m running, I’m mostly just running. I remember when running seemed to be the most difficult, impossible thing I could imagine doing, so now just being able to go out and enjoy it means I’m not thinking about anything else or having to be better or worrying about what I look like. I think I’ve kind of earned this peace.

So this was run 5 for August, 39 for the season, 54 for the year, and I PBed! On a Saturday!! 29:32 baby! I got in my stride on all the back downhill sections and let that carry me round the first corner of the next lap before slowing down to take the uphill sections. That seems to work best at the moment. On the third lap it was SO hard pushing uphill, I could feel all the muscles in my legs straining to push me up, but I gave it what I had and got a great time!

I’ve now done 6 straight weeks of 6 sessions a week! I’m already starting to think in terms of continuing to the end of the year. It IS getting easier and if working out like this becomes a manageable part of my routine, I’ll have no reason to ever stop it.


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