Run report 12/8/13


View from the top of the hill

Run 6 for August, 40 for the season, 55 for the year. Will I make it to 100 I wonder? With 20 weeks to go I’d need 10 weeks of 3 runs and 10 weeks of 2 – neat!

Cloudy and cool this morning, almost nippy. I have two hoodies that are just a smidgen on the cosy side, and a few more weeks before I’ll need them to fit properly.

Felt a bit weird and jittery running, had a broken night’s sleep and wasn’t sure if I was pushing myself too much or not enough, but went out well and gave it my best on the returns and in the end was glad to see a PB – by 3 seconds – over Saturday’s time! 29:29. I finished too early to go straight to the supermarket as it wouldn’t have been open, so I got some nice stretching time under a tree!

I guess at the moment ideally I’m aiming to PB once a week, have one other run under 30min and then let the other be over for now. So to PB twice is great! I’ve also noticed how well my joints etc. are holding up, I’ve not had and ankle or knee issues and only a little bit in my pf which stretches out if I’m diligent. I’ve never run a season before without needing support at some stage so long may this continue!


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