Run report 14/8/13


Run 7 for August, 41 for the season, 56 for the year.

Wasn’t actually planning on running today! Was all packed up for swimming and about to get dressed and leave home when HH texted to say all the trains were cancelled! So a quick change of plan, got into my running gear instead, strapped on my trainers and headed out to the park! Felt strangely like bunking off work given that I get in later on running days. Kind of exciting and unexpected, and different from usual runs.

It’s barely light at all now at 5 – the sun rises shortly after, but I’m not sure I’d want to be out on the road at that time any more – so going to the park later is letting me stretch out running season for a bit longer. I had already had sonera fruit and yoghurt and a cup of tea, and hadn’t stretched out as much as I normally would in my rush to get out the door – so wasn’t sure how that would affect me. I definitely felt more aware of what way going on, felt like I was trying to push but it was harder going than usual. In the end though I think I benefited from it as I got round in 31:19, almost two minutes faster than last week’s mid-week 33:11. Getting closer to my 30-min overall target but whether I can duplicate it on an empty stomach will be the question.

Anyway it was a gorgeous morning, beautiful sunrise and I was glad to be there – nice to have the flexibility of doing something else when the trains aren’t working and it all worked out for the best!


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