Run report 17/8/13


Run 7 for August, 42 for the season, 57 for the year. Was so so so exhausted! HH was working late Friday night and I stayed up playing songs so we didn’t get to bed until gone 11, I woke up about twenty to seven so not really enough rest. I got up and pootled around the course but I wasn’t really pushing myself or getting much of an aerobic workout – I just found a comfortable speed and stuck with it and it was reasonably enjoyable. It took me 33:33 to get round but that’s still a far cry from the 35+ it would have taken me before and I think my fitness has increased.

I think when you least feel like running is when you probably need the boost of it the most. It would have been so so easy to majesty excuses, stay home and sleep in, but I would have felt crap and guilty the whole weekend. As it was I did what I set out to do and went about my day refreshed,  energized enough to do what I had planned, and guilt-free.  Sometimes you just have to leave the placeholder, get up as planned, get dressed, lace up your trainers, and even if you can’t max out on the run you’re at least preserving the routine and not setting precedent for skipping future Saturday morning runs. I have 5 weeks to go and 4 more Saturday mornings to commit to – need to start getting some early Friday nights! I think though these Saturdays will hopefully become.permanent as through the winter there won’t be light to run before work, and if I’m down to twice a week I doubt I’ll want to miss one. It would be cool if I dropped some more weight and got a bit faster by then and could feel less self-conscious running during he day when there are more people about. I did have some luck running at dusk last winter though!


One thought on “Run report 17/8/13

  1. I agree with you — using the placeholder for the routine instead of skipping is a good idea. For myself, if I skip once, I find it too easy to start rationalizing reasons to skip again! A crappy workout is still better than no workout.

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