Run report 19/8/13


A day late posting this! Run 8 for August, 43 for the season 58 for the year. Up at pretty much normal time in a very sunny sunrise! Nice quiet run, not too many distractions, but it felt like hard work. One thing I’ve noticed with my improving fitness level is that jogging up the hill alone won’t get me very out of breath very much – so if I want to feel like I’ve had a proper workout I have to push on the hill as well as everywhere else, and really let it out on the downhill. I was trying to push, especially since I haven’t had a PB in the past week other even a sub-half-hour. It was my legs that were the problem today, they were stiff and then coming down they felt quite shaky, especially after having tried reasonably hard on the first time around. So I wasn’t feeling very optimistic about the time but to the end I thought, keep pushing, you never know you might at least get about 30min.

When I finished and saw the time it became clear why it had felt like a hard run: I’d PBed by almost a minute!!! At 28:36 I was also five minutes faster than my slow run on Saturday. I just laughed when I saw the time, it was a great moment.

So progress made once again. I think that PB is likely to stand for a while – after all it took me 6 weeks to improve by 30 seconds, to knock another minute off in week 7 is just awesome. I need to get more rest, if I want tp bring my slow times down as well. If I get down below 25min it occurred to me I’ll need to start adding in a 4th lap!! That’d be a new frontier.


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