Run report 22/8


One soggy park!

One thing to note about yesterday was that I did a bike interval workout – for the first time in ages. The trains were messed up again and I was saving my run for today so I put on an episode and a half of Frasier and got on with it.

This morning was run 9 for August, 44 for the season and 59 for the year I think! We had rain through the night and I was worried it wouldn’t stop but wanted to go out anyway, had my emergency hoodie on standby but in the end the rain stopped just about – I would have been way too hot with it anyway. The break in the rain lasted just the right amount of time and it started again once I got home and in the shower. It was drizzling slightly at points but I don’t mind that, it was quite refreshing. The park was almost deserted, and beautifully atmospheric, a little bit misty. I had gone to bed early so as to be well rested and was determined to have a good run, but it was hard going in the legs and I think that was probably down to the bike work yesterday – those sprint intervals are all in the legs. So I ended up with a time of 31:56 – guess if I hadn’t been trying it would have been much slower. I think the difference between that and last week’s mid-week 31:33 was that the week before I’d already had some tea and breakfast. The difference in blood sugar between that and nothing after a night’s sleep must be considerable.

Anyway I’m clearly a way still from mid-week sub-30s!


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