Happy :)

I’ve just had the best day! I think this is possibly the happiest I’ve been all year. Things have been a little hectic and up in the air this week, but I’m getting more used to the idea that life is just LIFE, a series of actions – not every day has to follow the same pattern in order to go to plan. You just have to take the best decisions you can in each set of circumstances.

Today was different because I slept in a bit later, then stretched and went straight out for my run, then had breakfast at home, then took a late train and got to work just before 10 – not something I do very often but we’re entitled to do that if we want to. Of course the morning went really quickly, I managed to fit in a bit of studying around work and went for lunch at the usual time as I was hungry by then. I took a longer lunch (just over an hour) (which we can also do any time as long as we work our core hours) and went to Starbucks for a chai latte and some yummy food, and wrote in my journal (which I’ve finished today, about 2 1/2 months after I started it, since before the start of this 12-week challenge). It was great to have that time out especially as I hadn’t had time to write much in the morning.

The afternoon also went quickly, I didn’t get through as many study questions as I’d hoped BUT the one big one I did do was full of very difficult stuff and I went through it in detail, making sure I knew how to do each item, so I feel like I’ve made a lot more progress than the number of questions would suggest. Another example of how things didn’t go exactly “to plan” but the outcome was more productive than intended. I also found out we’d be getting our new fridge installed (having planned ways to spend the weekend making creative cool-keepers for milk and yoghurt!) and our landlords were really helpful and sorted that for us in our absence. Big relief as things like that are often a hassle.

From work, I took a trip to the studio, taking a bus route I hadn’t taken before, which felt like and adventure. On the way I read this blog post about knowing when you’ve found your calling, and I was vaguely thinking, not many of those things have happened to me yet with this album business. This is actually my second studio as the initial one I went to never got back to me about dates even after I chased them once, annoyingly. But the second studio do have better quality gear and more expensive mics, and have been helpful right from the start, so that’s not a bad thing. I was nervous but excited to meet the engineer, who was lovely – very down to earth, open, suggested ideas without sounding pompous, and was just someone I could strike up a rapport with really easy. I just got the feeling early on that this is going to be someone who’s a blessing to work with. So we chatted a bit and I can get the image in my head of how it’ll be to record there, and he gave me a couple of tips on preparation. Then it came to dates. Now originally I’d already booked off next Friday from work because I thought it would be nice to have the Monday to practice and then be ready for Friday and then be able to relax over the weekend after it’s done – this was the date I’d had initial agreement on from the first studio. But at this late notice I wasn’t sure what he’d have free – it’s not a major deal but that was my first choice of date. Also that I wanted to do a half-day rather than whole day. And it just so happens that he has a slot free of exactly the right length, right on that Friday afternoon! So I can practice Monday, and also through the evenings (especially Thursday when HH will be working late) and be as nicely prepped as I can be by Friday. He said we should be able to get 2 songs done in the time so that takes the pressure off a bit, I have about 4 ready to go so if we get more done then so much the better. I was just so overjoyed!! I left him in the studio with the lightest happiest skippy feeling, and there was a beautiful sunset outside. This is just what I NEEDED. Whatever doubts I may have about my ability, I will have the best equipment I can afford and an encouraging engineer, and I will do the best I can, and hopefully the album will come off beautifully. And after reading that article I started to understand – being ignored by the first studio was just a pointer towards the second which is a much better fit for me, it all happened easily, I am indeed feeling healthier, and I’m starting to build a team around me of people who can inspire me and whom I can trust.

Got home to find the new fridge (and the old one! – they’d left it so we could empty food from the freezer which was still working) and it was just such a relief to have somewhere to store milk, and know we can have tea in the morning and I can do a big food shop tomorrow. So I did the ironing (my biggest chore!) while I put some veg and prawns on to stir-fry and made myself a celebratory Nesquik with said milk! So HH will have a pressed shirt for tomorrow and I can come home and do the rest of the cleaning in the evening before my family descend on Saturday!

I have done the best I can with this day, and enjoyed far more success than I imagined was possible when I woke up this morning. I’ve made the best calls I can. I’ve run, I’ve eaten well, I’ve chased my music dreams, I’ve done some evil studying, and I’ve coped with the worst of the day-to-day stuff. The future awaits!


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