Run report 7/9/13

Run 3/50/65 on a soggy Saturday morning! After a boiling hot day on Thursday, nighttime temps are in single figures which we think might indicate the end of this fantastic summer! There was a shower just before I left and if it hadn’t been for that I wouldn’t have taken ny hoodie and would have been very chilly without it! Got to the park just before 8, it rained a tiny bit while I was there but nothing major.

I felt stiff and achy all over this morning and knew I had to take it easy, which I did, but then on the last lap I was taking this photo Nd saw my time and thought it’d be nice at least to be quicker than Thursday, so I gave it a bit more welly round the last section and finished in 32:32. Found something painful in my hip in the process but hopefully a rest day will fix that!

I’m coming to the end of week ten which means that next Saturday is the last one I’m committed to getting up for a run before breakfast. I won’t say it’s come around quickly but I still can’t quite believe it – to come this far without skipping a single workout is pretty glorious! I’m seriously contemplating continuing on for 4Q after my week off (I know I’ll still work out but I’m not scheduling them) and being able to say I’d done this for six months would be really life-changing!



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