1 January 2014

I have been under-using this blog and I want to get back to utilizing it as a space for my life and random out-there thoughts.

Yesterday was a brilliant start to the year, all about goals and good friends and starting off on the right foot.

A run in the morning:


Adventuring out into the storm:



For lattes and goal planning and friendship and deep chats:



Then a walk back under the lights:


This is a summary of my goals for the year:


This is the first year I’ve ever had social stuff first on the list – a sign of how much things have changed in three months. I’m determined to bring my deepest self up to the surface and connect with other people on that basis and at the moment every conversation feels like a chance to do that. My main plan for the year is to do this as many days as possible along with a workout and at least 2 hours of music practice.


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