3 January 2014

Yesterday was a topsy turvy kind of day. Day at home with HH before he left for night-shift, planned an evening workout with friend J which didn’t materialise as the pool was shut, so we went for a really nice meze dinner. I was a little riled by the lack of exercise, having already not worked out in my usual morning slot and then eventually missing it altogether – it does affect me which is why it’s better to do something each day. Came home for late-night piano and even later-night chat discussions. I think having the nights to myself has really capped off this break making it feel like a holiday, going out in the evening and staying up as late as I like – it’s a nice little break from the routine.






Late night piano time!

It’s been good having so much social time – It might seem a bit arbitrary to suddenly be deliberately trying to fill my days with people (and J did comment on us hanging out twice in a fortnight after not seeing each other for five months!) but it does sit right with me at the moment. It feels interesting around the edges of switching between meet-ups with different people while still remaining as authentic and openly me as I can but that is exactly what I want to learn really. And it’s a delight to feel free to spend time with people basically whenever, as often as possible, and never feel like it was a chore or that I needed several days of me-time to recover! If I’m there, it’s me-time!


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