9 February 2014


A bit of a round-up of where things are at. There are certain concrete changes I want to make this year to be more myself and make life better.

1) I think the sleep as much as you can experiment has run its course. Maybe it’s a start of the month thing. Back at it now.

2) I am continuing to be as sociable as possible. Despite having nothing planned at the start of this week, I had four lunch things, two evenings and one weekend thing, plus have made plans for most of next week & the whole weekend and started to schedule things in for March! I am kicking Arse on this goal but it’s not exactly difficult when you want something so badly and it’s so easy to achieve!! We did karaoke and it was awesome! Need more of that.

3) I’m taking my guitar in to a local workshop tomorrow for a service. This is precipitous to playing live – I would like it to be working as  well as it can and sounding good. It’ll take a few weeks for the new strings to play in so I wanted to get this done in the first half of Feb to set-up a potential first gig in March. Fingers crossed that all goes well. Continuing to practice and discuss this with more people – steps in the right direction.

4) may get my hair cut at the same time as it’s nearby, this is one of those key feeling-good things but I’ve been neglecting it.

5) reached a mini weight milestone this morning – good to be picking up momentum and seeing this start to move in the right direction

6) went papercraft shopping and gave myself a boost – just love having new pretty things to work with and that spurs on my Scrapbooking which is one of the things that reminds me how great life is, and card-making which is one way I connect with people.

7) one of the goals for this year is to play the street piano at St. Pancras. I’ve been playing the piano for 27 years, only a year less than I’ve been able to write and not that much less than I’ve been able to do things like walk, talk, read and wipe my own arse! Classical piano is second nature to me and yet no-one ever sees me do it, which makes me feel disconnected, isolated, and in some ways fake. I’m going to get on with polishing up my pieces and have sent a query to the local church about playing their piano. Steps in the right direction.

8) I passed my F9 which means I am now, for my sins, a part-qualified accountant! I’ve committed to No Exams this year so I can focus on things I actually care about, and have to face the possibility that I may never qualify in full, but I’m pleased to have come this far and to not have quit on a fail. Need to do my experience record.

9) I have actually been working quite hard and may yet pull off the major stuff I’m supposed to do at work.

All in all, sleep or no sleep, I am actually doing all the things I’m supposed to be doing. I’m going as fast as I can, it’s not warp-drive but it’s definitely working. Progress. I’m not staying out of The Hole completely but I am prioritising what majesty me happy and feeling a darn sight better when I’m not in it.


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