1Q Round-up

For a quarter that started out with this:



…and has ended up with this…




… it’s certainly been a long and wild journey through winter and into spring. Definitely life-changing. I started the year determined to continue the positive arc I’d been on at the end of last year and I’ve tried to push on with that even when it’s meant battling the negative bits of my character that remain. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’ve tried to focus on DOING things regardless of how I’ve been feeling and that’s paid off in terms of practical changes and achievements – here’s how the first quarter shaped up:

  • 73 workouts out of 90 days – only four weeks where I didn’t make it out to run or swim 6 times
  • I’ve done pushups and stretches every single day
  • Got into a load of new healthier habits in general – drinking water first thing, taking my own home-made muffins for breakfast and so on
  • Down 9lb from my highest weight of the year (more progress needed but at least it’s going in the right direction!)
  • 81 social events!
  • 21 letters written
  • Something over 162 hours of music practice – target was 180 so 90%, and with the possibility of catching up
  • Did 2 hours of music or more 46 days (just over half!)
  • Stayed on top of home stuff and started spring cleaning/ home audit
  • Got properly into baking and made a load of new recipes and tonnes of food to share
  • Scrapbooks are up to date!
  • I’m £50 off my savings target
  • I’ve worked really hard at work and pulled off a load of project work which could have gone way worse!

The biggest achievement by far for me was working up my skills and courage enough to play songs live at open mic – I had no idea if I would actually achieve this, or when, so to have made it this far, felt reasonably comfortable performing on my own on stage, felt confident about my abilities and my material – that’s such a massive step towards living the life I long for. I’m on the verge of a completely new adventure, singing much more, getting out there, meeting more musicians, making friends who I have that in common with, finding a place I belong, using my abilities and making the most of what I can do.

Obviously on the surface things have really changed and I am living this incredibly fun life full of friends and socialising and amazing food and music and that’s all brilliant. Underneath I do think that I’ve turned a corner, I’ve been honest with myself about how I’ve been feeling and the challenges along the way. Being able to feel comfortable around people and realising that how other people see me often pulls me out of my own negative mindset, and just relaxing and enjoying the fun things in life – that’s made a massive difference to my quality of life and wellbeing. I’ve faced my worst fears and expanded my comfort zone and that’s increased the variety of things I can do and the situations in which I feel comfortable.

Life looks set to now change again… and in some ways I feel ready for that, in others I think I will be biding my time as I work out what’s next, but it’s all open and the barriers I felt before are gone. I can’t believe we’re a quarter of the way through – it feels good to have 13 weeks of consistency under my belt, the balance has been pretty good overall so far this year.



5 thoughts on “1Q Round-up

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said you kept pushing yourself to do what you knew you should, despite how you were feeling inside. That’s really the key to it all, I think. You have had a fantastic first quarter!! So happy for you!!

    • Thank you 🙂 Yeah I think that’s the thing – give in to the things you know will feel better at the end than the beginning. I don’t know why it is that way with human nature, but if I’d been waiting to feel comfortable doing things I never would have been seen dead singing live, and I would have missed a whole lot of beautiful morning runs and probably some neat social occasions too. It’s the cumulative effect. And also that it’s only action that moves us from one place to another mentally – often the quickest way to feel better about ourselves is to do the thing we’ve been avoiding the longest!

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  3. Wow – I so admire you for creating these goals and working towards them. You should be extremely proud of your achievements. And doing open mic!!! Keep up the great work.

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