18 April 2014


Life is a bit manic…

Sometimes you’ve just got to throw yourself in the deep end and start swimming.

All those years of planning and wondering how to get things done –

– this is how: Shut up and get on with it.

I’ve been…

playing at open mics and researching/visiting venues.

wondering what to wear! And shopping, a lot.

dragging various mates into the scene of London’s undiscovered musicians.

scrabbling to find warm-up/rehearsal time – even though I’m not even playing every week, I struggle to get and stay prepared. Still not sure how this new lifestyle fits together.

giving my first impromptu guitar “lesson”.

making friends and loving how music brings people together.

I need to cut out or simplify some stuff so that I can focus on what’s important – I have so much work to do. But every day I believe in my talent and my vocation a little more.

It swallows you whole, once you start doing something you’re passionate about.


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