22 April 2014

It occurred to me this morning that I’ve started pushing all my workouts without realising it! I’ve been happy coasting through my workouts this year and have been happy so far just striving for consistency – at least 5 times a week and no consecutive rest-days so far. I enjoy them but it’s time to ramp it up a bit.

* swimming: I’ve been starting to work sprints into my morning swims. They’re not long so I don’t get many chances but still. Going for best times over a 66m lap, last week it was 1m35, this morning 1m32. Get that under 1m30 is the first target. In support of that I’ve been trying to extend my breathing gaps – I’ve always had 3-stroke bilateral but on the return half of the lap I need quicker breaths, so I’m upping that to 3-4 (effectively two breaths each side) – then I can come back down through 3s and 2s on the return as I get more breathless.

* In my park run I went up to 4 laps from 3 – am hoping this will make 3 feel easier and therefore be quicker.

* On my local runs, I’ve tried running the outbound leg easy and then going all out on the inbound. Previously I would find my inbound a couple of minutes longer than the outbound, but doing it this way I was back in the same time. There’s no excuse not to give it my all when I’m coming to the end of a workout.

Also, I’ve been thinking about phasing out my rest-days. I’m not working out that hard and I’m happier the days I do. Plus I think mentally the days off make underestimate myself, and I’m stronger than that. Even if I miss the morning I can always do a bike workout or an evening run.


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