23 April 2014

(picture from Monday)

Am just updating this to keep myself occupied on the train home – I’ve got Counting Crows on the ipod and it may as well be a daily update as not.

Having spent yesterday updating my diary and plans for the next month (potential open mics plus quite a generous scattering of fairly important social events, vs HH’s work schedule and needing time at home alone to practise) – I know it won’t all go to plan but I feel better having one all the same.

I was feeling better for getting things done and for getting my confidence back (it seems to evaporate when I’m left to my own devices) but the morning was still tough – tired and grouchy and sad to not have Tardis contact when I thought we’d sorted things out. A lot of my moods come down to the Tardis really, because without it I realise how much I need it and what a wreck I am without it and all the underlying problems that make me that way. But better that than to be uncontrollably moody and not be aware of why. The Tardis always comes through for me in the end, it’s just working out what to do in the meantime.

Anyway. Despite all of that, it somehow evolved into a pretty awesome day. Different, but awesome. I managed to get into work eventually and had two major things knocked off by lunchtime; I think by the time I left I was actually slightly ahead!

It was also a great day for friends, as I’m noticing work days tend in general to be. Some moments of genuine did-they-put-something-in-the-air-conditioning hilarity, lots of sniggering into my e-mail, a great lunch with an old friend who seemed to open up a little more than usual, and an eventually-cancelled meeting that allowed for some girly gossiping and the solidification of a friendship that’s been lurking in the realm of potential for a long while. Sweet, sweet moments, laughs, and the work got done. Can’t ask more than that of a work-day (except to get news of a record deal offer in the middle of it or something!!)


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