2 July 2014

I think it’s just about time we all gave ourselves credit for how far we’ve come.

There are so many ways we can beat ourselves up, even in the ostensibly positive process of attempting to better ourselves and build ever-improving lives with our loved ones. But how do you know you have the courage to do what’s required to take that next step? By recognising that you were brave enough to make it this far, that’s how.

One aspect of the way I’ve been reconsidering myself has been in this idea of belonging, or being rooted, or identifying with a home or a family or a place of origin. It wasn’t hard for me to leave home and go away to uni in a new town with completely new people, because I was desperate to leave behind where I came from. It wasn’t hard for me at 21, to move across the world into a totally remote and unknown culture and language, and plant myself there for three years. They were rocky times, but there’s no way I could have survived the various pressures of those two different lifestyles without a secure sense of my core self, the like of which I suddenly doubt that I have nine years later. Funny that now would be the time I feel the most insecure.

In other Life Is Exciting news, today we escaped for a lunchtime adventure that took us through an unknown quarter of the city – one or two streets in London can yield limitless new delights, including free pizza, a completely new type of cake, books, some outstanding architectural juxtapositions, a brass band, a courtyard flooded in sunshine, and (as ever!) truly excellent artisan coffee….





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