3 July 2014


Yesterday I read this book, and it changed my life.

The day before that, I had a conversation and learned a new perspective that definitely changed my life. I have longed for a sense of belonging, groundedness and a secure sense of provenance my whole life – to be surrounded by people who are just like me. The perspective I was alerted to is that belonging comes at a price – loyalty to your parent culture and limitation on how far you can stray in your self-expression without betraying it. Unrooted (and unhinged ;)) as I may be, I’m in a uniquely free position to express myself if I can find the courage to do so.

I am a creature of habit and a lover of routine but it occurs to me now that every day can change our lives – in big or small ways, but lately, for me, bigger. Building and moving constantly.

It was a great day to be in London – we are having one heck of a summer. There was spectacular sunshine this morning:


….and deep deep clear blue sky…


…a birthday was celebrated, in a continuation of delectable lunching this amazing Korean food was consumed – and I had an extremely deep and satisfying conversation across two languages.


As I go about my attempts at mindful collection of the things that bring me great satisfaction in life, these are the kinds of things I notice: moments of great natural beauty; and deliciousness, ideas and affection shared with those around me.


4 thoughts on “3 July 2014

      • There was a plot?! 😉 I just found it very preachy. Not even advice, per se, just “I know best/everything”, and not even entertaining about it (e.g. wrapping it up in a proper story, imo).

        • Yes I can see how it could be a disappointment that way. I think that’s the very thing I liked about it – that his philosophy itself is so accessible. I found what he had to say really comforting.

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