7 July 2014





I remember, back before I was born, when I was just a spirit, floating around in the sky or wherever it is that spirits live. 

Being just a spirit was so fun and so easy for me. I enjoyed doing all the things that free spirits do, and the way that I was connected to all the other spirits, and we were all aware that we were part of the greatest spirit there is – love. 

I miss the simplicity of those [days] (whatever units spirits use to count time) and all the things we used to be able to do. Don’t get me wrong, this world is fascinating and amazing, matter and physics and the solid existence of everything. The beauty in it. The opportunities to learn skills to manipulate the matter and master the physics. It’s a unique opportunity to learn things that aren’t possible in the ephemeral spirit world. 

But I miss that one thing – the feeling of unity. As spirits we all knew each other, all recognised that we were connected. As people, we are divided – divided into physical beings, divided further by prejudice and fear and that particularly human knack of needing to belong to a group so badly that we reject all the others – even though we’re all connected. The pain of that, of witnessing that, of participating in it, of feeling it necessary to submit to the physical and social conventions that keep us all divided – I find that hard. 

I imagine every human does, at some point or other. But don’t despair. We’ll get back to that spirit world someday. In the meantime, if you find me here in this world, let’s try to re-make that connection.  


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