11 July 2014


It’s been a quiet day; I have had the ‘flu and spent most of the day in bed. Last night I was feverish and had a series of strange dreams while sleeping and a series of complicated discussions with myself about what it really is that’s bothering me while awake – a kind of “dark night of the soul” but not of the magnitude I’ve experienced before. It’s been a bit rubbish, but in the end I’ve decided to put my low mood down to being poorly and in pain and unable to do the things I love – no singing today! It has been nice to rest.

If there’s been a lesson to learn this week – besides the obvious practical one about connecting with people – it’s that if I can uncover one set of powers I hadn’t realised I had, then I probably have others I could uncover, and possibly enough even to be able to be able to handle this existential crisis on a long-term basis. Never give up hope; tomorrow is another day to see the good in the world.


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