15 July 2014





Didn’t make anything again today really – but fortunately after work I went to sit by the river to write some stuff and have these little pictures of summer London to share with you!!

Ran this morning – day three of the new regime! Got into the aerobic zone in 35 seconds (seems impossible for me to run and not be in that zone!) and found it quite tricky sticking within the zone, on both ends. After a while I decided to push it up into the next zone, and spent 7 minutes in and around the 160s, after which I was quite knackered! Having the monitor on really helped to keep pushing, wanting to see what I was capable of – and it worked, as I had to add some extra territory into my normal 30 minute route. 30 min solid over 135 with the 7min in the middle in the 160s.


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