18 July 2014


Day six workout after two morning swims, back on the bike today – made much harder than before by the extreme heat! It was a struggle but managed to keep HR in aerobic zone for 20min and fitness for a further 10 – 33 including 3min to warm up.

It’s much harder to get higher heart-rates in a seated workout like the bike, I think the anaerobic stuff will have to wait for running, although I can do intervals on the bike. I don’t have a “strategy” yet beyond doing the best I can with each day and I won’t be able to test my swim heart rates unless I can afford/borrow a monitor that I know is waterproof – though I know I have  to be pushing in the pool to get a decent workout.

I’m happy to say that my legs seem to be adjusting! I had really bad aches on Wednesday (after running on Tuesday) but I’ve been doing squats on alternate days and trying to be vigilant about stretches, and so far it feels better than it did when I started – no doubt the swimming helps too. Whether I will make it through the weekend without dropping a workout remains to be seen.
Tomorrow hopefully a park run + it’s a squat day!


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