19 July 2014


Mmm yummy home-made curry for lunch (that’s creative right?!)

Last night went fine  my dad had a fitting send-off and I got to talk to a load of old teachers, so that was quite fun. Teachers are an interesting breed.

One thing that did happen was being back in that space and hearing my dad play the piano – it made me want to play in there again and I think that might be helpful in this process of renegotiation with my crystallized past. T and I have worked out a way I can do this over the summer so yay for that. I did some practice today.

Managed workout 7 on this streak, 30mins jogging in aerobic zone with my (extremely fit and tall) husband walking alongside. It was SO HOT by the Tims we got home I just ran to the sink – absolutely awful. But 7 workouts done – each day I think maybe I won’t make it but there’s no real reason not to. If I make it through tomorrow and Monday, I’ll be guaranteed to get to Friday which will be day 13! 55 squats today too.


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