20 July 2014








Sunday picnic day! With two colleagues I find it really easy to get on with. Almost as close as I can get to a comfortable social situation, very relaxed, and a lovely way to make the most of the warm summer weather.

A couple more hours of music practice and some headway made with the book I’m reading.

Today’s workout (8): morning run as I happened to be awake anyway – less than 11 hours after the previous one. Went to the park which was locked, ran up the hill, ran back again and then took a detour right through the centre of town, which was deserted. Bit longer route than expected resulting in 35min in the cardio zone. Once again, glad of the HR monitor to remind me to cover more ground on the downward slopes – wonder how many times in the past I’ve worked out for nothing because my heart’s not been beating fast enough? It also makes it easier to get out there in a way as I tell myself however tired my legs might be, my Heart wants to work out and has the capacity. Legs were FINISHED and I had a rather delicious nap after breakfast where they just completely rested – that felt awesome.

I’ve been reading a bit about survival instincts and psychology and have had two distinct thoughts on the topic. The first is that, after working to earn a living, what is really more to do with survival than my physical health? I would always get workouts in on work days (stops me being as much of a cranky bitch as I would be!) so on my days off it should be a priority to make half an hour to raise my heart rate, plus time to stretch, train, rest and plan/make meals. If I do that the rest will follow.

The second thought is that, while I may have felt growing up that I had to throw everything into what had to be done just to survive, that’s not where I’m at now. There’s no pressure on me to do things, and rarely do I ever feel that “if I don’t do X disaster will ensue” feeling that was constant during my youth (or at least sometimes I do still feel that way but usually for no reason!) All of this means I need new motivation for doing things – like pleasure, interest, sense of achievement etc. – and I probably can’t predict that motivation from day to day, so it’s not always easy to plan for. Nothing is imperative, so I need come up with my own reasons for everything.


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