26 July 2014

This is a little project I started last night:


Any idea?


Yup, they’re envelope template cut-outs. It might be a bit early but I thought I’d do TinyPost Christmas cards for part of my stash this year (probably for work) – and as I had a glut of pretty papers I thought I’d make a start on the envelopes. Still got to think about the cards, got an idea up my sleeve based on designs from last year – if I can get the supplies.

I’d forgotten just how totally therapeutic it is doing big batch repetitive production-line tasks like this are! I felt so relaxed doing this, crafting AND being productive but getting into a calming rhythm at the same time. I think I need to spend an hour a day just doing routine crafting to stay sane! Last night I drew and cut all the templates. Today I clipped the corners and did the folding:


I’m leaving the sticking for another day but eventually they’ll all look like this:


Aside from (and perhaps because of) that, I had a most wonderfully happy morning today. Just waking up in the sunshine with no alarm was brilliant! My new books were delivered first thing (ordered Thursday evening!) so I took that as a sign and had over an hour of blissful quiet reading time after breakfast.

Then it was time to work out – back in the bike today. I hadn’t biked since Monday (seems like a long time?) and had a great night’s sleep after two not particularly strenuous days of swimming, so I was pumped up and raring to go! Given that my longest so far on the bike in the aerobic zone or higher was 20min, today I did 35!! Set it on a higher setting and aimed to keep HR around 150, so even when I was tired and it dropped I was still over the zone. The first 10min were the hardest. Once I got past 20 I was just on a high and did a two-minute stretch in the anaerobic zone. Luckily wasn’t getting any pain from the Achilles with cycling and with a bit of strapping there was only minimal discomfort. I hope to cycle again tomorrow and swim all the weekdays and hopefully get back to running next weekend. I probably need new trainers.

After all that I cleaned the bathroom! Triumphant indeed!


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