28 July 2014





Finished my envelopes!! That was achievement one for today.
Two was getting in workout 16: a relaxing swim at the big pool. I was pushing it and quite out of breath which was good to know – lots more space in the big pool though.
Three: on the domestic front, hoovered and made all my meals at home.

Four was finishing this book:


It’s difficult to express what I feel about this book – it’s very scientific but also beautifully written and in places moved me to tears; a very strange combination. It brought home to me that all feelings are interlinked and bound up with our sense of self – and I that on the beautiful flip-side of pain and fear lie all the things I value most about life – creativity, beauty, love, joy. And it’s by feeling all of those things that we conceive of ourselves as individuals.

I have a deeper thought brewing but will save that for another day šŸ™‚


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