8 August 2014


This is my coffee table creative space at the moment – scrapbook page in progress but not done any writing on it yet. Other elements and cards laid out. It’s nice to have a pretty space in action.

Workout 27 today! Bit over my normal swim distance. Been feeling tired but getting more sleep so probably in the process of catching up – still loads of good energy though.

Had two face-to-face deep-and-meaningfuls with different friends, one at lunch and one after work. Loads of eye-contact and being present while telling stories. I feel the glow of that ring of light and love around me that signifies my close relationships are going well and I am present in them and receptive to others’ affection. I think I take a lot of comfort from sharing empathetic space with people, synchronised emotions, and that’s knocked out the need to use my eating disorder to comfort myself.


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