10 August 2014





A kind of backwards day! Woke up and got up quite quickly (for me)(for a weekend!) played a little music and then got into writing and while I was writing the rain was falling outside and I realised I was feeling things more quickly than I could write them, so I gave up writing and just sat with my feelings for a while and watched the storm, learning what I could from them, even the negative ones. It was good, I moved forward, and allowing myself that time was both incredibly self-affirming and a recognition that what I need may not be obvious or orthodox.

After that and yesterday I was exhausted! So had a lonnng restorative nap, and by the time I woke it was super-sunny. I don’t normally run during the day because I get self-conscious but I am trying to challenge myself about that – I went, it was fine, there weren’t even that many people about and I had a good 30mins in the 150s and 160s.

Did the shopping, had a shower, and then did a couple more hours of song work (I have about three or four unfinished ideas to wrap up and this is what I’d envisaged spending the day doing!) – made some good progress. Made dinner. My husband said the other week it’s a shame we both hate to cook! But it’s not really true, I do enjoy the ritual of cooking – not just for him on days where he’s been out working hard, but for both of us to take some time to share. I enjoy the mindfulness in preparing something we’ll enjoy together.


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