11 August 2014








Another pretty random day!! It’s funny how since starting this I rarely find I don’t have some kind of pictures of cool places or weather to share with you guys. It’s been a perfect day of intermittent summer sunshine and storms, exactly the balance I like. I had a sunrise run, a three-hour nap, and then took a wander (I was kind of retracing my steps to somewhere I went for the first time last year) and was blessed by the most phenomenal sunshine and blue skies.

I was on a bit of a mission to find creative spaces in my town – on the shopping list were:
* a café I know to be a bit of a gatherrbg spot for creatives {closed on Mondays!}
* a place with a piano free to play {thought the best bet would be the parish Church, but both church and hall were shut up}
* library/gallery/café space {nothing doing}
I tried a couple of other cafés too but came up empty. I did have some great coffee and a little ice cream along the way though! And a good long walk all over the place. Suffice to say I was quite frustrated but managed to funnel this somewhat into some piano and song work at home, mixed up with a nice balance of thinky/emotional stuff and notes for the week ahead.

I will have to find other ways to fulfil my list of creative community needs but at least I know now what I want. I videoed a song on my phone as well and didn’t hate it – definitely a step in the right direction. Most importantly though, I’m feeling my way through the days and having a stab at what feels right rather than living to a formula; trusting myself, and it feels good! Also nice that after 30days of workouts I’ve dropped 6lb and a whole load of inches. Progress. I can’t change that I don’t have life exactly the way I want it right now but that doesn’t mean I have to accept it – this is where the work and determination comes in.


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