19 August 2014


For the past few years I have been slightly obsessed with the movement of daylight times and specifically, the period within which it’s already light by 5am has been what I personally consider “summer” – in the UK that’s May to mid-August in civil twilight terms. It’s no longer light at 5am and with chillier mornings and evenings as well, my thoughts are definitely turning towards autumn and winter respectively.

This autumn will mark my tenth year living in the same town, my longest period anywhere. Over that time I’ve learned quite a lot about how I change with the seasons, and I’m hoping to use that knowledge effectively this time around.

Autumn (September-November) for me is always a time of creativity, new ideas and coming into my own. I get energised by the cooler temperatures and (having somewhat of a spiritual affinity with trees in general) find inspiration in the season that is all about the trees – their dramatic splendour and eventual demise. I usually write a load of songs in autumn and they’re often my best work of the year. I generally spend a lot of time walking, thinking and feeling – much of it alone (though quite how that’ll go this year I’m not sure!)

I also tend to have a lot of fresh ideas and make big, over-ambitious plans for what I can accomplish – why is it I always think I can cram more into the last four months of the year than in the first eight?! – and also plans for he following year and big-picture ambitions for how life itself could change.

By the time I get to winter, however, my motivation is generally lower and my energy too – the lack of sunlight gets to me and the difficulties associated with getting out especially if the weather turns snowy – commuting can be a nightmare and it’s not facilitative for swimming or running outside early in the morning, particularly. Come February I am all about watching out for the lengthening days.

Given that I am much more into playing life by ear these days, I want to be attentive and get a few things established by the time winter comes, to make it a more enjoyable time:

* As always, lose some weight, so I can enjoy wearing more of my clothes, jackets & cute jumpers
* identify alternative workouts – can we get a treadmill? Is Insanity an option? Other workout classes or indoor options? Join a gym in the short-term?
* probably need some new hiking shoes and maybe another jacket
* prep indoors for long days and nights hibernating – floor cushions, candles, clear out some other stuff
* put a super reading list together! And take the opportunity to study some more
* long dark nights are great for being down the pub and it would be awesome to start getting my own gigs by the end of the year, but at least go and play/jam as much as possible
* if there’s a way to get this album recorded this year after all then do it!¬†
* save for & book a holiday for the end of Jan/start of Feb


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