24 August 2014



So starting week 7 of daily workouts today. I will confess that last weekend I ran 5K for the first time (since 2008!) but didn’t end up posting it because my time was way off where I want to be and the whole thing was haywire as I got hit by a massive rain storm in the middle! But I did cover the whole distance non-stop so yay for that! That means I’ve probably not been far off running 4K in general on most of my runs anyway.

What I was hoping was that I’d suddenly start running sub-40min 5Ks by now (I know that’s slow, my ultimate healthy-weight goal-time would be sub-30min so that’s a minute for every 10lb extra I’m carrying). I am sadly nowhere near the sub-40 (8min/km pace) at the moment though! This morning my aim was to just go out and run 2K at 8-min pace after a bit of a warm-up, if that was all I did – just to see how it felt. As you can see from the top pic I managed 7:41 but there was no physical way I could keep that up for another km! Admittedly I was still a bit full from breakfast but I was finding it hard to breathe and had to keep my HR around 180 for the latter section to do it. It was tough for me, although that pace over 5K would be 36:35 which is ahead of target. I ran easy for another 1km or so and then tried again and got the 8:26 in the second pic. That’s still faster than my current normal overall pace.

So there we go: some things to work on. I am still going to just go out and jog for distance mostly because there’s not much that beats getting out there and feeling free to run where and how my legs and lungs take me! But some targets and something to work for – discrete 1K and 2K times when I’m feeling like a challenge, and bringing down my total 5K time in the long-term. 
I am loving running! Basically I run three days at the weekend and swim the four days I go to work. I’m not sure if I mentioned this but when I did that challenge weekend a couple of weeks ago one of the things I wanted to break was this idea that I have to run super-early when no-one is watching! (so I won’t get heckled on the street!) Now that I’ve done that and can go running any time of day it’s become much less of a chore, much easier to schedule, and it doesn’t interfere with my lie-ins!


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