25 August 2014


It was a grey and dreary Monday! I spent the morning in bed sorting out a friendship issue – I’m annoyed this is taking up so much time but the only other option is to ignore it, hopefully by the end of this week it’ll be resolved.

I went for a run/jog in the rain – this is one of the benefits of running so often, sometimes just jogging it out feels so good. I didn’t take the HR monitor or worry about the route, just ran for 40 minutes at whatever pace I wanted. So nice. There is nothing like running when what you really need is to run!

Last night I had the most wonderful evening going back to the folk/blues night for a second week. They’re so welcoming! There was great talent and time for long sets from everyone who wanted to play (including me) – I tried out yet more new songs and am making progress with being more honest and open in the songs and also while talking in between – not to mention that I am still getting to know the regulars and there are always new people to meet too. It’s such a great experience for me on so many levels. At the end we got into a jam of seven, mostly blues stuff I didn’t know but hey, I know the chords! My rhythm guitar needs work anyway and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. just to get really into it and let go – and we had so many laughs. I love that place so much.

So today I learned some new songs and wrote some new songs and played a bit of piano and all in all it was a wonderful day. I had two lots of photos to find for different things and that takes up a bit of time. After sorting stuff out in the morning (I credit myself with doing this better now although admittedly there was chocolate involved!) I spent the afternoon doing things I love, and it was great!


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