26 August 2014



Rainy day today, but super-productive! I am missing my songs of course, but I figure if I’m going to be at work I can use it to test out what I can do there. Had a good swim this morning. Studied two different lots of work-related topics, completed some experience targets, finished two main work jobs and completed two other projects, at least my current stage of them. I was done with what I’d planned to do two hours before the end of the day and just kept going, seeing how much more I could learn and do and making the most of the day. I’ve spent time with friends and done some non-work reading too.

I’m not trying to run my days to a plan, though I did jot down some ideas this morning of how I wanted things to go. I’m just seeing each day as an opportunity to see what I’m capable of doing/learning/feeling/creating/expressing, and living life as it comes tomorrow. I may not be this productive every day, but then other things will happen instead. Life is so good.


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